News Flash

We at Web Piranha, Inc. are no longer accepting new clients.
We apologies but due to the success we've had at Web Piranha, Inc. and the fact that much of the staff is nearing retirement, we are administering and maintaining our current client base. Thank You.



About Web Piranha, Inc.

Web Piranha, Inc. began our journey in 1999.
The initial concept for this start up business was to provide a technical skill set for our friends who had established business in the graphics industry and the small business technology and network solutions industry.

It was at this time that the world wide web was exploding and many business across many industries were beginning to realize the advantage of having a web presence. More importantly their marketing resources were beginning to understand the power of a "Brand Identity" where there print and web media were presenting a consistant "Brand".

So, our friends in both the graphics and small business technology industries were having customers ask them how and where to get started in getting a web site. This is where the concept of Web Piranha was born.   We already had resources who understand and were very successful in graphics.   We already had resources who understand business technology.   All we need is an understanding of web server, emails servers and related web and internet technology.    So we aquired these skills and set Web Piranha, Inc. in motion.

At first we were only providing this service to the customers of our friends who became partners in Web Piranha. We purchased the hardware and other technology pieces required to provide hosting services. And we maintained the entire infrastructure and provided tools and procedures.

Since then we've continued to aquire knowledge with new technology and development tools over the years to be able to provide best of class services. We've also added to our technology staff and have partnered with Rochen Hosting in order to ensure a stable infrastructure for our web, email and FTP servers in solid data center environments.