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Web Piranha, Inc. websites can utilize the new Responsive or Adaptive Technology to optimize your web site and how it displays on all devices including PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones !!!



Automatic inbound email queuing assures email continuity in the event of a local server outage, and outbound email filtering protects one’s reputation and helps to avoid the business disruption of IP address blacklisting. Reflexion’s service provides the configurability that IT Solution Providers need to address a wide range of customer requirements, with the automation and simplicity that ISPs require for their subscribers.

Reflexion is making spam relief painless for businesses everywhere, with many other significant benefits, such as recovering time that the network administrator can devote to other priorities, enhancing client relationships, enabling the tracking of marketing campaigns, and providing an added layer of protection against "mass mailer", worms and viruses. Here are just a few reactions to our groundbreaking technology…