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Web Piranha, Inc. websites can utilize the new Responsive or Adaptive Technology to optimize your web site and how it displays on all devices including PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones !!!



Base Business Solutions

•   Full Turn-Key Solutions for Customers
•   Partial Solutions for Customers
•   Solutions for Partners
•   Training
•   Support

Business Solutions
Initial Needs Analysis
Initial Information and Business Needs
Features and Functionality Analysis
Components Required Analysis
Site Competitive Analysis
Project Management
Website Design
Website Production
Initial Content and Content Management
Web Applications/Integration
Website Marketing
Web Positioning - Search Engine Optimization
Website and Email Hosting

Initial Needs Analysis (Always FREE for our customers!)

•  Use our experience to assist you with the analysis of your current and future internet, website and printing needs.

•  Develop a solution that meets your requirements, represents the industry in which you compete (if you so wish) and projects your companies desired image.

•  Complete a Competitive Analysis of your competitor’s websites and their search engine rankings.

•  We can provide the flexibility to allow for your project to be completed in phases to meet your immediate needs, future needs and to meet your budgetary requirements.