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Web Piranha, Inc. websites can utilize the new Responsive or Adaptive Technology to optimize your web site and how it displays on all devices including PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones !!!



Support Solutions

Web Piranha, Inc can provide you with support on the tools and methods to administer and maintain your website.

You can purchase support on an as needed basis (Time and Materials)
You can purchase support for a specific amount of time based on hours.

If you elect the business solution of “Partial Solutions for Customer” or you elect to become a "Partner", you may decide to receive training in order to reduce the time and effort in order to reduce more costs of your website.

This is yet another way in order to significantly reduce BEP (Break Even Point) and ROI (Return on Investment)

Simply go to the bottom of this web site and select the Contact Us graphic.  You can fill out the form and request support services.

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