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Web Piranha, Inc. websites can utilize the new Responsive or Adaptive Technology to optimize your web site and how it displays on all devices including PC's, Tablets and Smart Phones !!!



Success by Project Management: From cradle to grave, or should that be fingerling to fish food…

It is for this reason that Web Piranha, Inc. utilizes time tested project management methods and business processes and procedures based off of business best practices methods to ensure your project completes in a smooth and timely manner, on budget and with the highest level of accuracy.

Here at Web Piranha we have only one goal in mind specific to our customers which is our top priority.  This is actually stated in one of our main items listed in our Mission Statement.

Providing and delivering services of high quality with competitive costing in a reliable, timely and consistent manner focusing on our customer’s needs and satisfaction.

The result of our time tested and successfully completed projects results in a detailed Propsal Pack which your company can review and then sign before your project begins. For more information, take a look at the proposal link.

This ensures that the marketing process is near completion before the web site has been completed and is "Live"

A Detailed Proposal Leads to Success

We provide a detailed and precise proposal that ensures we are in agreement and have set all expectations.  This ensures you experience no unexpected surprises in regards to design, content, accuracy and cost.  The end result will be that we provide provide you with smooth and successful project upon completion.

This proposal pack is created after our first meeting which results in the completion of one of our procedures of: Initial Needs Analysis (Always FREE to our customers)

The proposal pack includes:
1: Your assigned Client Representative.  Your one call contact for all your needs!

2: The information you have provided defining business needs and services you need to provide a solution.

3: ALL EXPECTATIONS that we have agreed upon.
  A: Business Solutions requested
  B: Services Requested
  C: Dead Lines

4: Estimate – a full line item estimate with a NOT TO EXCEED total.
    A: This includes the payment plan based on phases of the project and final Go Live payment.

THAT’s RIGHT!  Your final payment is not due until you confirm all your needs have been met.

5: Check list document listing all key points of your project.   

6: The Web Piranha, Inc. Mission Statement

We realize that Mission Statements are now passé, however, we feel it’s very important for your company to have a solid idea of who you are doing business with!
Check Point List Leads to Success

We dedicate this page to Ensuring Your Successful Project!
As one of the sections in your proposal you receive a project Procedures and Checkpoint document.
This document breaks out various steps in the project from the time you sign your proposal and estimate to your successful Go Live!

How does this document ensure success?!

The purpose of this document is to provide our customers with a procedure for the implementation of the project including checkpoints that require a customer signature of acceptance before we begin the next phase.

The whole premise of this document fits within our vision to be your full service internet consulting PARTNER not just a vendor for hire.  Depending of the services you required to provide the services we can provide for you to solve your business need, a checkpoint document could have anywhere from three to ten or more checkpoints.

 NO Surprises!
 NO Extra Costs!
 NO Delays!

Result – A successful project completed with accuracy, within budget and on time!
Go Live !!

It’s time to celebrate! Yet, another successfully completed project.

While your normal vendor for hire cashes the last check this is where you normally part ways. Remember, Web Piranha in our partnering spirit is looking for ways to continue our business relationship.

So this is not the end, it’s just the beginning of our business relationship.

Here are just a few areas where we look to continue our business relationship and how it may add value to you and save you cost in the future to stay in touch.

•  Please provide us with any comments and suggestions so we can continuously improve.
•  We will, at your request, keep you informed with improved and new services and solutions
        New Applications
        Version Upgrades: which may include solutions you may like without purchasing add-ons.
•  We will highlight your company to promote your company.
•  Be a reference account and provide us with a testimonial.
•  Refer another customer(s) to us.

As we have stated in Business Solutions – Partial Solutions:

The goal of Web Piranha, Inc., is to provide our expertise and work as your partner to ensure your success.  We strive to partner with you so you can reach BEP (Break Even Point) and realize ROI (Return on Investment) as quickly as possible whenever possible!