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Check Point List Leads to Success

We dedicate this page to Ensuring Your Successful Project!
As one of the sections in your proposal you receive a project Procedures and Checkpoint document.
This document breaks out various steps in the project from the time you sign your proposal and estimate to your successful Go Live!

How does this document ensure success?!

The purpose of this document is to provide our customers with a procedure for the implementation of the project including checkpoints that require a customer signature of acceptance before we begin the next phase.

The whole premise of this document fits within our vision to be your full service internet consulting PARTNER not just a vendor for hire.  Depending of the services you required to provide the services we can provide for you to solve your business need, a checkpoint document could have anywhere from three to ten or more checkpoints.

 NO Surprises!
 NO Extra Costs!
 NO Delays!

Result – A successful project completed with accuracy, within budget and on time!