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We at Web Piranha, Inc. are no longer accepting new clients.
We apologies but due to the success we've had at Web Piranha, Inc. and the fact that much of the staff is nearing retirement, we are administering and maintaining our current client base. Thank You.



This page is intended specifically for Web Piranha customers who have purchased Hosting for: 
 Websites , Email and/or FTP

Web Servers     Online
Email Servers   Online
FTP Servers      Online

Please Note: If Web Piranha Services are "Fully Operational" or Online, it is highly unlikely your issue is due to any of our hosting services provided by Web Piranha, Inc. This means your issue is highly likely to be the result of an issue outside of Web Piranha, Inc. services.  If you still wish to continue to log a support issue, a Web Piranha Technical Services technician can perform a quick analysis and confirm your issue is not due to a Web Piranha provided services. Any further analysis or diagnosis is considered a consulting event and you will be billed for "Time & Materials" as a service charge as defined in our service agreement*.  Web Piranha Technical Services Rate: $150.00 per hour.

*This service agreement is provided on the back of all Web Piranha, Inc. invoices and in the Proposal you have signed or paid.

Here is just an example of possible Non-Web Piranha Inc. root issues:  
 •The internet is experiencing issues as a whole
 •A Segment of the internet is experiencing issues
 •Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is experiencing issues
 •Your company is experiencing Internet or Network issues
 •Your PC Client has an issue
 •Installation and configuration of PC Client
    for example: Browser or Email program

We are working on a new form with new security.
Please send a detailed email to: 
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